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Guest Lecture on The Waves of Digital Disruption

In this era of technology we need to have a keen understanding of how technology is transforming industries and how leaders and organisations can respond to it. On August 25th, Mr Shreyas Bhosale, the Accountant Director of Tech Mahindra, visited SCIT campus to deliver a lecture on “Digital Disruption within Technology Industry”. The guest lecture was organized for the first year students of MBA-ITBM and PGPITBM programme. Mr Shreyas is

Independence Cup 2016- Day 7 (Great Players with Incredible Spirit)

The sports arena of SIC campus was filled with great zeal, excitement and gamesome atmosphere on 10th of August 2016 when SCIT students witnessed the seventh day of the Independence Cup. Rotating through the different games, players participated in Volley Ball, Cricket and Football. Trying their best at every match irrespective of victory and failure, players enjoyed each and every match they took part in with lots of cheering and

Independence Cup 2016- Day 4 (Great Players with Incredible Spirit)

There was something different about this day of Independence cup. It wasn’t just that it drew crowd but the spirit with which the players were playing the game. The rain, the failures and falls did not affect the players’ spirit and this was possibly one of the reasons why people were watching the match even in the rains. The day started with the cricket match against D senior with C

The 70th Independence Day Celebration

Every year the entire nation celebrates this auspicious day with full zeal and enthusiasm. India celebrates its Independence Day to solemnize its freedom from British rule and its birth as a sovereign nation. Our first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru truly said, “The world was asleep but India awoke to life and freedom”. The Independence Day of any country is a moment of pride and glory and to mirror the same

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