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Armed Forces Flag Day Celebration

7th December, also known as Armed Forces Flag Day, is a day that is dedicated towards collection of funds from people of India towards the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces personnel. This prestigious day was celebrated in SCIT and it was Brigadier Kishor K. V. Kanzhode who blessed the students with his presence. Brigadier Kishor K. V. Kanzhode is a war veteran and has spent 35 years in the

Dattansh ’19

Dattansh – The data analytics conclave was held on 23rd November. It mainly revolved around the evolution of data. As the current era is the age of data or the “Data Yuga”; where everything is about data. The conclave revolved around the fields of Data Sciences and Data Analytics. Insights from data is being used in decision making, building smart vehicles, robots and powerful systems. We had industry experts who


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