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Ganesh Festival @ Symbiosis

Ganesh Festival has been always a special festival and an occasion for vibrant celebration.  It is a celebration for commencing new ventures, enriching knowledge and growing wisdom. Symbiosis Infotech campus at Hinjewadi always celebrates this festival in grand style. Every year, three institutes of SIC- SCIT, SCMHRD and SIIB come together and celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. This year, the theme of the festival decoration was based on majestic


SCIT Sports Committee arranged a fantastic cricket match between super senior team and junior team on 18th August 2017. Super senior team from 2013-15 batch and junior team from current 2017-19 batch. The two teams played a short but superb match of 10 overs. In the first innings, super senior team did good batting and scored 54 runs losing 3 wickets. Chasing score of 55, junior team scored 40 runs


The 13th August 2017, the ninth day of Independence Cup 2017 was the grand day of semi-finals. The day was full of nine matches. One regular group match and eight semi-finals.  First game was boys’ cricket played between junior B team and junior DSDA team. There was a tough fight between the two teams and finally Junior B team won the cricket match against Junior DSDA team. Second match was


The fourth day of Independence Cup 2017 was full of splendid six games played by seniors and juniors. First game, boys’ football was played between senior C team and junior DSDA team. There was a tough fight between the two teams and finally with 0-0 score, it was a draw. Second match was boys cricket played between senior A team and junior D team. In the first innings, seniors scored


The second day of independence cup 2017 was magnificent. Total six games were played between seniors and juniors. First game was boys volleyball. It was played between senior B team and junior A team. In first half the score was 21-8 and in second half the score was 21-13. Senior team won the match easily. Second match was boys football. It was played between senior A team and DSDA junior


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