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Outbound Programme Experience at Surya Shibir

That feeling when you enter college for the first time. Who can chase that away from you ever-the fervour, dream, passion, aspirations, hopes, career goals and what not. The same thing happened to us when we entered SCIT campus. They had planned our schedule so well, we did continuously wonder about what the next thing would be like, what the next day would begin with. We were provided with a

Substance Abuse Program

Any institution is strictly a no-smoking zone which is also extended towards the prohibition of alcohol and drugs.  SCIT is no different in this regards except for the additional step that it took in inviting the Commissioner and Inspector of Police Pune, for addressing us, the students (SCIT and SIIB inclusive) of the batch 2016-18. Symbiosis undertook the responsibility in ensuring that all the students were aware of the seriousness


Samarambh which means ceremony actually inculcates the spirit of celebration in the soul of all the students who have joined SCIT. It is the most awaited event among the students as it gives them the platform to showcase their talent in the very beginning of their MBA journey. Samarambh brings together the SCIT family. This is where the fun lays after all the induction programmes that each and every newly

International Yoga Day

It was the morning of 21st June –the International Yoga Day. Symbiosis had arranged yoga session for all the students in our campus. Yoga which has its origin in ancient India is not just exercise but also accommodates religion, philosophy and practises. We had two wonderful preachers-Ms.Sujata and Ms.Jyoti for the program who inculcated us with the importance and benefits of Yoga for a healthy mind and body. Ms Sujata

ISR Activities

There’s Magic in the Air- ISR’s Green Magic Initiative In the last few days, if you happened to go around the Faculty Room area you would’ve have noticed something in every faculty member’s cubicle. These new guests are various types of plants, that are not just beautiful, but also add freshness to the area. They have been strategically placed by the ISR Team that has taken up the Green Magic


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