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Dance Bars..hampering the culture or pampering the family of poor girls ???

Dance bars are set to reopen in Maharashtra with India’s Supreme Court rejecting a state government ban in 2005 that forced the popular nightspots to close. Whenever any  ingenious Indian hears the word Dance bar he frames the same image in his mind that these Dance bars would often be run in seedy and dark air-conditioned halls. Around 100 customers at a time would sit at tables positioned around the dance floor, where

Drinking and the show off after drinking – Both are injurious to health :-)

Hii folks , I know everyone must be having  his/her own awkward experiences on this topic… First of all i want to share some words of worldly  wisdom which i have learned ” Getting high does not makes u look cool but yaaa Show off after getting high makes u look LAME “. Drinking is associated with everything  if u find the girl of your dreams you drink to rejoice and when you get


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