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Indepence Day-2013

Shaheedo ki mazaro par lagenge har baras mele, Watan par mitne walo ka yahi baki nishan hoga!! Once for a change,i did not have to rely on the alarm to wake up from my slumber and i believe everyone else did too!.I don’t know what is so special about this day but everyone in the hostel was excited to the core. It was a perfect setting for the auspicious occassion

Naxalism- Are We Fighting Our Own People?

Naxalism finds its origin in the split of two parties CPI-M and CPI-L in 50’s.Naxali’s have an ultra-leftist ideology.When the movement started it was a retaliation against the government and the exploitation lower cadre was facing in India. But today it has changed to something else.Something which is really horrible and so bad that they have been declared as a terrorist organization under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act of India

Farmer Suicides in an Agrarian Country-Irony!

When I started looking for an issue to write,the one which caught my eye was the farmer suicides in India.The facts and stats that I will share are for sure scary and also eye opening.India is a agriculture based economy and more than 60% of India’s population has some dependency on farming for their livelihood. Agriculture in India is dependent almost completely on monsoons,if monsoon fails there is havoc and


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