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A Demand Never Ending

“It wasn’t an easy decision but now everyone has been heard and a decision has been taken,” senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh told Indian media. “We’re swallowing the poison for our party. The decision is very unfortunate but since our leader has taken the decision we’ll abide by it. We know the consequences, the problems that will follow,” said Rudraraju Padma Raju, the Congress chief whip in Andhra Pradesh. Courtesy:

Monsoon Fury in India: A great loss to Indians

On June 16th, 2013 a ferocious flood attack took over thousands of lives and indulged a great loss to agriculture, tourism and lead down the prosperity of country, Uttarakhand! Why would have nature being so harsh on the creatures of God? The psychological loss was superior to the personal loss, way much greater. No one ever imagined that nature will curse those who worshipped nature itself. My God! Mind is


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