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Third Party Risk Management

In today’s business scenario, companies are increasingly focusing on their core competencies and outsourcing other activities to the appropriate third parties; this aspect of outsourcing however, functions as a double-edged sword; giving many advantages and throwing up security concerns at the same time. Thus, it is essential for companies to have a robust and efficient third-party management practice in place, which serves to mitigate the impact posed by third party

Building an Extraordinary Career

In times like today, where we have uncertainty looming over us, we need to make use of every opportunity available to us in every aspect of our lives. One area that we all pay significant attention to are our careers. In order to help us along the journey of building an extraordinary career, Ms. Anurakta Mohanti addressed students on various ways we can build our own personal brand and what

Reimagining and Reinventing Post Covid India

As SIU celebrates its Golden Jubilee this year, the administration decided that the best way to ring in the golden jubilee year among the currently trying environment was to address how we as a nation will be able to triumph over the uncertainties that we are faced with right now. To this end, on 22nd July, Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, FRS, National Research Professor delivered the first lecture as a part

The Virtual Internship

This year’s summer internships turned out to be quite the experience for students across the globe. Gone were the cubicles and the commute, no more coffee breaks and water cooler shenanigans with teammates and colleagues; in essence, the conventional corporate internship experience was not what this year’s interns had in store for them. Rather, they were greeted with virtual on boarding and team connects, stakeholder interaction and weekly catch ups

An Unpredictable Turn of Events

If anyone had told any of us in January that our lives as we knew it would be different in the coming months, things, amenities and activities that we took as a part of our daily routine and mostly for granted would be considered non-essential and as a luxury would any of us have believed them? Yet here we are, almost three months into a lockdown brought on by a


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