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Lights, Camera and Reactions!!

Sitting on a crate, a person wearing the national cricket jersey hits the cricket ball with a stump and then drinks a sip of a popular soft drink. When you are growing up in a cricket frenzy nation you go head over heels when Sachin Tendulkar does something as small as sipping a soft drink. At the age of 9, I never had imagined that one day I will grow


Prior to SCIT Here I was working in an IT company at Chennai, slogging for more than 8 hrs a day and still without a clear roadmap to my future. It was that period of my life when I was dying to get out of the professional life and eager to enter the profile of a student. Moreover staying away from my hometown (Mumbai) , made my life all the

The Differentiating Factor

You must have come across many blog posts taking the readers to a trip down memory lane, narrating some kind of a personal experience, a memory, or a feeling related to past endeavor. Well let’s try something new this time. How about a flash to the future, imagining months and years ahead and figuring out what’s going to be in-store Taking that you got placed in a reputed MnC, with


3rd August 1999 was the day, SCIT as an institution made its debut in the education arena. It’s been 13 years since that day and here we are today when SCIT has established itself as one of the premier IT B-school. Despite this being the foundation day of SCIT we students had our regular lectures as usual and only 2 hours were allocated for the SCIT foundation day celebrations. The


One of the most awaited event for the students of SCIT was really outstanding. Weeks of hard work paid off for all the participants who managed to put up a brilliant performance. The event was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by both students and faculty. Let me mention some of the noteworthy performances in Samarambh DANCE The dance proceedings were started by Ritwika who danced to a wonderful classical number, Bharatnatyam


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