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An Irreparable Nation?

This is a nation which is shameless in giving justice to people. I think Justice is one thing which is now a days in this country given by Politicians and not by court. Laws are framed by these illiterate Politicians. Its a big shame.100 years back Britishers came to loot and rule India and now these Politicians are looting this country. The December 16 sexual assault on Nirbhaya in a

Drugs-Fighting An Elephant With A Flyswatter

Drugs-is it high society stuff???I had been to a pub in Bangalore. Some guys and gals in early 20 s were enjoying to the fullest. Then suddenly I was surprised to see which my eyes cannot believe. A guy went to a corner and started taking some powder into his nose. I used to see it on movies but I got the live show. What is this going on???A youth….They


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