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Leveraging program management skills to ‘soft power’ your way in the organization.

To keep the spirits high amidst the unprecedented time another GL was conducted on April 18th. To address the students Mr. Abhay Maheshwari was invited to shed some light upon what product management is and how one strategically directs one’s career with some hauling and tactical steps. Mr. Maheshwari is a ME from Manipal University and started working at Honda motors and soon moved to ZS associates as a consultant.

Introduction to Data Visualisation in Python

With the partial moving to the college campus, the excitement and zeal were infectious. Amidst all these a guest lectures were organized on Data Visualisation in Python. The speaker invited to deliver was Mr. Sanchit Balchandani. He is a senior Python developer having 10 years of IT experience. He has worked in multiple domains like – healthcare, ad-tech, infrastructure, and automation. Majorly, he has been working in the backend side

Trade Monitoring

To keep the ball rolling, another guest lecture was organized. Mrs. Arunnima Chauhan was invited to give her musings on Trade Monitoring to fellow SCITians. She is currently working in Accenture UK. She’s an enthusiastic business analyst who likes analyzing and troubleshooting complex data issues on her workdays. She has been awarded the Accenture ace award in the past. She is also a sportsperson and likes playing badminton and chess.

The Big 4 Myths

Keeping in mind the enthusiasm among the students, a guest lecture was arranged on 8th November 2020 where the speaker talked about ‘Big 4 myths, start-ups and Thinking Big’. The speaker, Deric Karunesudas is a Cyber Security Leader with 13+ yrs of experience in driving profitable growth stories for global clients. He has worked with companies like Deloitte, NTT, RSA, and now with British Telecom as Director of Cybersecurity of

Breaking into Product Management

Mr. Venugopal is presently filling in as a technical product manager at 605, New York. Preceding that, he has additionally worked in organizations like Viacom, CBS, and Cablevision, where he had fabricated a refreshed item guide to deliver plans with savvy objectives in multiple businesses and basic applications. In Accenture, he has done a great deal of counseling work around programming design. In the end, he moved into JPMorgan Chase,


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