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Career Counselling-Unlock your potential

How would I fit into my dream organisation? WITFM(What is there for me)? What kind of profile would be suitable for me? Should I switch profiles? These are the questions rolling out in each and every MBA’s mind while thinking about their career. To help students with these questions, SCIT conducted a Guest Lecture on topic “Career Counselling” on 25th December 2015.SCIT was really glad to invite Mr.Swatantra Kumar Gupta,

Business Startup Strategy

Have you always dreamt of becoming a business owner? All it takes is a great idea (and some hard work, of course) to make that dream become a reality. On 8th September 2015, SCIT conducted a Guest Lecture on the topic “Business Start-up Strategy”. To provide the students with the great start-up strategy tips, SCIT welcomed two prominent speakers from ZoomCar India Pvt. Ltd.: Mr. Rohan Chhazed, City Manager of

Cyber Security:Need of the Hour

3rd October 2015, marked the commencement of Cyber Security Awareness Month by Team Matrix of SCIT in association with ISACA. Ever sincethe inception of CSAM, SCIT have been the institutional body which perceives this awareness month in collaboration with SCIT’s own TeamMatrix- Student InfoSec Club and ISACA. It was a proud moment for Team Matrix to host this event for 5th consecutive year at SCIT. The day began with the

NGOs Presentations at ISR SUMMIT 2015

As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. This was the central theme which brought us all together on this memorable day at SCIT. SCIT ISR Committee (Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Institutional Social Responsibility) hosted the Institutional Social Responsibility Summit 2015 on the theme “Building Bridges” on 7th August 2015 at Symbiosis Infotech Campus, Hinjewadi,

Champion’s League at its best

The Champions League which embarked on 13th August 2015 has created a sense of enthusiasm among the players of SCIT, SCMHRD and SIIB to perform extra-ordinary well and attain the title of “The Champions”. Many interesting, thrilling matches were seen in the last three days of Champions League due to which curiosity increases day by day to see which team will be crowned as “The Champions”. And today, on the


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